Links to My North Korea Content

Here’s all my north korea content from my trip from June 2009.

If you want one set of photos to look at, this is it:

My writeup of general perceptions:

North Korean People photos:

Unusual things from North Korea photos:

Military type guys training for something:

A female traffic police directing traffic (they don’t use traffic lights even though they have them):

Driving around Pyongyang so you can see how it looks, along with an unusual story from our british guide:

Performing the Haka (a rugby dance from New Zealand) to our guides:

A children’s show:

How you can influence north korean kids to be more positive towards westerners:

And, the 1 hour long video of our entire tour. This cost additional at the end of the tour and came on DVD. Watch this if you’re serious about going to North Korea — it will show you exactly what you will see while you are there. For anyone else, take a look since its quite funny, but it is rather odd.