Spamming to Amazon’s List?

I just got an email sent by a company I never heard of before called “”.  And it was sent to an email address I never have used *anywhere* before except with  They have my first name, last name and email address (that I only registered with Amazon).

So is Amazon selling their customer list to third parties now?  Or did obtain this through other means?

Given that I highly doubt Amazon would sell their list, I suspect shoplet got it via other means.  I hope they get caught.

UPDATE:  Amazon wrote back and it turns out they share email addresses with companies when you buy through Amazon marketplace.  I bought some tape or something via shoplet from Amazon.  Apparently this is against Amazon’s terms and conditions and is being investigated.  Here’s the specific part from Amazon’s T&C (their customer service response was very thorough, btw):

“Contact between parties must be courteous and limited to transaction

details.  Facilitating inappropriate or unsolicited contact is a

violation of our Community Rules.”