Be a Round Peg in a Round Hole

Ever heard of the children’s author “Enid Blyton”?  Most people in english commonwealth countries have, and growing up in Australia I read tons of her books.  They were all very exciting, and some of you will probably laugh reading me talking about her here.

I recently found that there’s an updated biography published about her life.  It talks about how Enid’s father was pushing her to become a musician.  Everything in her life was being directed towards that goal – by her father.  But over time, Enid was finding that she didn’t enjoy music as much.

Then one day she decided she wanted to teach writing.  Once she started at it, everything changed.  And she wrote about it later that it was like putting a “round peg in a round hole”. 

Too many people in life do things they don’t enjoy.  I think thats a great way to say it – we all need to spend more time ensuring that we’re round pegs in round holes.  Just like my favourite childhood author did.