wechat group: ebook publishing

Here’s about our wechat group.  We’re focused on writing, publishing and launching ebooks in china.  Its not enough to just publish a book – if you’re going to do all that work it has to be popular as well!  Regular book publishing is welcome as well of course.

Resources for ebook publishing

These have been the most helpful sites for me to learn about book publishing online.






i would suggest you need to make a book worthy of being referred by friends.. and a big component of that is getting a lot of feedback as you write it, so it becomes really, really good. the book which was written this way and describes the process is called “running lean”. it is an amazing book. here’s the amazon US link:

and the chinese translation:

Group rules

a couple of rules.. this is a work focused group, think of it as an office.. so:
– no posting images/internet memes/jokes, etc
– no non book publishing links
we have a lot of work to do here, so please keep things published on book stuff.. questions, comments etc of course are very welcome

Member bios

about me: i’m living in wudang mountain, hubei province in central china.. i’m originally from australia but have lived all over the world.. my focus has been on internet marketing since 2001 and i have done quite a lot of ebook marketing, including helping some companies make $100M/year businesses in this area.. however i have never done an amazon kindle / douban ebook before.. i’ve been searching for quite some time to find good information in this area and finally have found it.. so by being in this group you are going to see some quite advanced techniques in time.. which i hope you can copy and use for your own projects.
my business website is here: http://meetinnovators.com
my wudang website is here: http://yinyangtheory.com
my photography site is here: http://photos.adrianbye.com
my book will be about combining chinese philosophy with western science. i am convinced chinese philosophers had a correct view of how the world works, and this is something we need to learn in the west.. this is also why i have lived for the last year in wudang


hello everybody
my name is Jeff i am Swiss living in Beijing almost 3 years now.
i own Beijings biggest platform for young professionals: InternsInBeijing
we work with most chambers of commerce in.order to push the careers of young professionals.
also we have the biggest and completest nightlife platform of beijing with free entry and open bar to all clubs in beijing.
we mostly work on wechat.

we know are about to publish a new form of guidebook that will be published in a limited number.
thats why we need some info on publication, print and more

thanks and have a nice day.

more info on wechat ID: InternsInBeijing and internsinbeijing.com


Hi Peeps!

I’m here learn more about self publishing in China and what a forginer must do to have her or his work accepted.

Recently I help my girlfriend self publish a gudie book to beijing on Amazon. You can see that here – http://amzn.com/B00P2ID836

I would like to self publish a series of travel guides for Chinese tourists to Australia on Douban but have no idea where to start. There a couple other ideas I have but I’ll leave it at that for the moment [Grin][Grin][Grin]


Hi everyone. My name is Winser zhao, local Chinese, a taiji master and a calligraphy teacher. live near the drum tower.
I’m working on a book of how to learn calligraphy for the young kids. I need some info about how to market the book. Add my Wechat let’s talk more about Oracle bones character and how to learn Chinese. I also own a website of traveling in China, www. Chinatravel20.com


Hello everyone my name is Tracy. Grew up in Shenzhen, went to Boston to study marketing in 2010. Interestingly, I developed my love for nitrition, Traditional Chinese Meditation, holistic health/lifestyle and eastern philosophy during my stay in the US. Became a licensed yoga teacher just last year. Now I am on my way to share what I have learned about holistic health with people. Working on a book on fermented vegetables now and aim to published this book in spring this year on Amazon. Hope to get the message across and want to learn more on how to spread the words in China too.

Eventually I want to create and connect my platforms both in the US and China where knowledge I have learned can be best utilized, so that more people can benefit 😉

Will work on a personal site in coming months. And will share when it is presentable [Trick]


Hi all, I’m a Chinese lawyer with international practice experience. I’ve been given the honor to help Adrian with his ebook project. If anyone here need help with legal matters, drop me a line[Joyful]


Hey everyone. I’m a communications and soft skills trainer in Shenzhen. My name is Sean. [Joyful]


Hey everyone, we do Apps and software. For more: appsbj.com


Hi everyone! I’m John Pasden, editor-in-chief for Mandarin Companion, a series of Chinese graded readers (simple, interesting Chinese-language novels that learners can actually read). So our audience is Western learners of Chinese, NOT the Chinese market.

We have both print books and ebooks available on the major platforms (7 titles now), but ironically, neither format is available in China. We’re most interested in printing our books in China so that they are readily available for learners here, but as with many things, publishing in China is quite complicated…

I’m happy to share experiences with others here.

Our website:


Hi guys. I’ve been asked by Adrian to post a short introduction here. I’m the founder of Manning International Center (coworking and office space) in Liangmaqiao. So if any of you need office space then just let me know…. I also used to be the China Manager for Lonely Planet so I have plenty of contacts in the publishing industry in China as well.

Did I miss introducing myself? I apologize and here it is. BTW, thanks to Tracy for introducing me to such a nice group. My Name is Danyu Wang. You can call me Amy as well. Got my Master of Ed. 10 years ago. Worked in the IT training field for 5 years, and then came back home to take care of my two lovely and happy kids. During the past 8 years! I’ve been living and pursuing a sustainable/ green style of life for the sake of my children and our next generations. Have thought of publishing my own book on this topic, but feel hard to find the starting point. I have tried building up my own Web site www.momsasia.com. Now I need to find a way to build up my audience group, so writing a book turns out to be my next choice. So glad to know people here and would love to discuss related topics with all of you!


Introduction of myself. My name is Jared Turner, Co-Founder of Mandarin Companion with @John P . We publish easy-to-read novels in Chinese that target people learning Chinese as a second language. We have 7 books published thus far in both ebook and print format. We are currently producing more books. We’ve been doing this now for close to 4 years (crazy for us to think about that) and we are still learning!

We are constantly looking for new distribution opportunities and we are also looking for a printer to print large runs of our books. Good to be part of the group!
Our website is www.MandarinCompanion.com


Thanks Tracy for introducing me into this wonderful group!Hi everyone, this is Anita,a brave Chinese girl who just finished her travel across the States today and planning to write a book sharing my travel experiences to the world! Nice meeting you guys![Joyful][Joyful]