I’m Going To The Amazon To Live With Indigenous Indians

I’m about to leave for a trip to the Amazon jungle to live with indigenous indians.

One of the most interesting trends is that we’re flattening the economy.  Friction is being removed at a very fast rate.  Adam Smith’s invisible hand may crush the 99% completely out of the economy.  If that happens, what happens to capitalism?

Naval Ravikant from Angellist told me “There will be information tech based small businesses, where you roll out of bed in the morning and you get assigned a task by an Android phone, maybe it’s in a bidding market place, you choose what you want to do, you get rid of it at the end of the day, and you’ll work for yourself.”

So I’m going to spend some time living with indigenous indians.  They don’t have electricity or most of the things we take for granted.  I had to get a yellow fever shot which made me sick.  There are guerillas who kidnap people in the area.  But it should be very interesting.

Should we disturb their traditional way of life?  Of course not!  But large numbers (the majority?) of indigenous people do not want to continue their traditional way of life so they move to major cities.. But they are often unable to adapt well – we have seen this frequently in Australia with the australian aborigines.

What if we had a netflix prize, which rewarded finding the highest hourly rate possible in a scalable way for indigenous groups?   Lets say the average hourly amount an indigenous person could earn while living in their traditional environment was $1/hr.  What if we could bring this up to $5/hr?  Would this enable more of them to return to their traditional lifestyles while still gaining some benefits from modern civilization?

  • Sam West

    I still do not understand why anyone would undertake this. What is your motivation?

    • Adrian Bye

      why do you ask the question?

  • Hello Adrian,
    I’m a start-up tech company with many dreams, and this post really resonated with me. I believe we are entering a new paradigm in business where the betterment of humanity will eventually outweigh the desire for profit and greed.

    I’ve been to the amazon a couple of time and participated in many shamanic ceremonies. In fact, last year for December 21st my wife and I joined author John Perkins and 37 other spiritual pioneers and welcomed in the new cycle of planetary energies.

    Anyhow your post spurred in immediate thought about a “dreamy’ idea of amazonian cities created with zero point energy technologies. Showing the rest of the world the true benefits merging technologies with environment and cultures – this could be accomplished by measuring and working with resources not depleting them. I have a core belief that water, fresh food and shelter do not need to be monetized and in fact should be the fabric and foundation “cohesive culture” – thus creating an environment with less competition and more room for creative expression.

    At my company (www.troontechnologies.com) we have offshored our tech department to Pakistan. Through the power of the internet, and over the past 5 years I’ve built developed a wonderful relationship with a developer who I eventually offered him 25 percent of the company. His responsibility is to manage and build our tech department with developers who share similar values. We are breaking down labels and barriers and adopting a culture that works for the betterment of every member of our team. We’ve developed a cloud system for the Home Care industry in which we hope to pilot very soon. (one of my partner from Ohio is a VP of a Home Care provider)….recently we have been moving and shaking in the world of Authoritative Branding using a unique method to brand our clients as Thought Leaders via the new google algorithm.

    Thanks for all your great inspiring posts. Hope this finds a way to your heart.


    • Adrian Bye

      I think in time we’ll be able to “open source” parts of the economy, making them freely available.. the problem is that the drive to succeed and better ourselves is very important, so handing out too much for free is very damaging for the recipients. Striving for greatness is important for everyone.